Sansome Partners has deployed $2+ billion of private equity capital since inception.

We also manage a $1 billion long-only fund, targeting 10 positions in publicly-traded companies.


We focus on long-term value creation and are less concerned with short-term results.  

In our public equities fund, we are able to make investments in the face of near-term uncertainty when we feel the long-term prospects are attractive. 

In our private investments, our portfolio company managers operate without the pressures of achieving short-term targets and can focus on building value.

Flexible Investment Mandate

We have a high degree of flexibility with regard to the form of any given investment.  We have previously made investments ranging from public to private companies, from domestic to international opportunities, from debt to equity, and from control to minority stakes.  We can commit as much capital as an investment merits because our capital represents part of a larger pool.